Calories in v calories out

Maintenance calories means finding the number of calories which allows you to maintain your current weight.

Body re-composition is the process of reducing body fat and adding muscle mass simultaneously. In this case, the scales weight may not change but the person will usually lose inches and look leaner whilst adding muscle mass.

Weight loss occurs through an energy deficit either taking in fewer calories than you need or burning more energy or a combination of both. You can lose fat, muscle and water.

Weight gain can occur when we take in more calories than we burn off.

Weight on the weighing scales can fluctuate for several reasons from retaining water, to different stages of a woman’s menstrual cycle, to a large carbohydrate meal or a heavy training session. It is important to take photos, measure your circumference and see how clothes feel as well as going by the scales.

You also can add weight by increasing muscle mass.

Fat gain is when we consume more calories than we need or burn off.

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