Assessments & group Workshops

This workshop is highly beneficial for the individual in a small group setting or for the whole team regardless of the sport.

Small group/ Individuals

The workshop is run on a specific date over a period of 3 to 4 hours in NGS Fitness Mullingar. The session is very structured and begins with a PowerPoint presentation on the science of how the body works and moves. It details the benefits of mobility screening for addressing current injuries with a rehabilitation program and it also deals with injury prevention. The disadvantages of poor mobility & the types of common injury are also discussed. Refreshments are provided & after a short break I will demonstrate correct posture and mobility and conduct a full assessment on each individual and prescribe a standard rehabilitation program for each person if required.

Prices & dates are available upon request.

Why is this workshop beneficial?

  • Each individual is fully screened and assessed.
  • Video analysis
  • Assessment of current injury & rehabilitation program provided.
  • Preventative strategies for injury prevention.
  • Clients report increased mobility & improvement of injury and a decrease in pain following the workshop & rehab program.

Team assessment workshop

This is the ideal package for all teams as it allows all players to have a full screening & assessment done the one day with full video analysis of each player. A full team consultation can be arranged anytime.

The workshop begins with a PowerPoint presentation on the body & the science behind how it moves & the benefits of screening for injury prevention and improving player performance.  Refreshments are provided & after a short break, the team assessment will begin. There will be a breakdown of all current & potential injuries and a standard rehabilitation program will be provided. The team management may decide to book certain players in for a more detailed programme. Pricing available on request.

Why would this workshop benefit your team?

  • The workshop is held over 3 to 4 hours in NGS fitness Mullingar where all the equipment is based but can travel to accommodate.
  • Individual player screening for current injuries / weaknesses.
  • Full video analysis of each player.
  • Breakdown of current and potential injuries.
  • Rehabilitation programs provided.
  • Reduction in small injuries such as Hamstring strain, ankle sprains, hip-flexors.
  • Reduction in physio bills between 70 to 80%.
  • Players report huge improvement in performance after the workshop & assessment.