NGS Running Club

join our Specialized running club to boost your fitness, reduce injuries & improve your running times

We are delighted to launch our new running club that is specifically designed to help you boost your fitness, improve your running technique and reduce your run times. Our running club is open to young and old, newbies & experienced runners and also NGS members and non-members. Our group will meet for a training session along the Greenway near NGS Gym every Thursday from 6pm to 7pm and we will also provide training sessions to do in your own time at home.

Training will be specifically tailored to your fitness level and running experience. If you are a seasoned runner, we will help you boost your speed and enhance your endurance. If you are only starting out our experienced coaches will guide you from the couch to your first 5k.

Regardless of your level, we will help you become a more functional runner and improve your technique to ensure you do not suffer from recurrent injuries. You will be training with a supportive group with regular testing to provide accountability and support to help you achieve your goals.

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