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In any of my body transformation plans, my number one goal is education and as you can see get results. The focus is for the individual to learn how to balance your diet with real life and stop thinking they have made mistakes or messed up their week on a plan. Weight loss or muscle gain is a change in lifestyle rather than a race to the end goal.

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I only do body transformations through my online coaching academy where you start off with your initial food plan suited to your calorie requirements and then every Monday we assess the previous week and compare photos etc and if changes need to be made they are done accordingly.


Along with the nutrition help there is a heavy focus put on the style of training you need to be doing to get the results you need is the plan for you if have tried so many before and end up back to square one once the plan is over. The mindset on this is there is no end date so there is no added pressure. It is completely individual and when you feel you have gained enough knowledge then you can stop the plan.


This is an ongoing subscription, and I recommend giving it 12 weeks in order to fully educate yourself and to achieve maximum results.

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