Online Rehabilitation

Our Online Rehabilitation Programme is an ongoing programme that can be done from anywhere in the world and can be started at any time. This is the only program of its kind that offers such a wide range of supports and experience.

With this programme, we help clients who are struggling with injuries, strains, niggles and other complaints that are affecting their lives, health, fitness and sporting performance.

Overcoming an injury is only the start of the journey for most clients. Once the injury has resolved, we adapt the programme to help you achieve new health, fitness and performance goals that you didn’t think would be possible starting out.

A typical journey our clients go on is as follows:

  • Overcome niggles and injuries that have been holding you back with an online rehabilitation plan.
  • Body transformation with a tailored nutrition and workout programme to improve your health, lose weight or gain muscle depending on your goals.
  • Hit peak performance with specific and periodized programming. Improve your strength, power, speed, and fitness to be at your best level possible.

How is the Programme Carried Out Online?

Our team will take care of your nutrition and sports or rehabilitation programming via weekly WhatsApp check-ins. You will also get access to our online academy that is packed with articles, tutorials, workout videos, and recipes to give you all the resources you need. You will also have access to our dedicated nutritionist for extra nutritional support throughout.

Every Sunday, you will send us your weekly check-in which will include:

  • Videos of you doing your rehabilitation or training exercises to ensure your technique is correct
  • Progress photos to see how your body is adapting to the programme with the changes to your posture and physique

Every Monday, we will review your checkin, assess your progress and improvements that can be made, discuss your key goals and create a plan for the week ahead. These weekly checkins provide the accountability and support that you typically don’t receive from other injury rehabilitation services.

How to Get Started With the NGS Online Rehabilitation Programme?

The NGS Online Rehabilitation Programme is a three-month minimum commitment. The programme is €199 per month paid via direct debit.

Please note that the programme is an ongoing recurring monthly subscription that will keep running until you request by email to cancel it.