Start Phase One of the NGS Full Rehabilitation Programme

What’s Involved With Our Full NGS Rehabilitation Programme?

4-week online coaching and access to the online platform (two weeks prior to appointment and two weeks following appointment)

Audio-visual therapy and complimentary herbal teas

Shane’s assessment and treatment

Rehabilitation session teaching you our methods on how to rehabilitate to become functionally stronger

Our clinic has developed a name for the lengths we go to in order to get you pain-free. We look forward to adding you to our long and ever-growing list of successful stories.

The cost of our Full NGS Rehabilitation Programme is €400. This is split into two payments, the first when you get started with the online check-in part and the second payment either when you book your in-person appointment or on the day of the appointment.

The first payment of €149 will give you immediate access to the online platform. Once payment is made, your first online check-in will be this coming Monday. During this online check-in, Shane will make an assessment of your injury and begin our rehabilitation process. You will complete two check-ins with Shane prior to your in-person appointment.