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We are constantly adapting and improving our systems to give us the highest success rate on an individual level.

Each appointment in 2021 will consist of:


  • Audio-visual treatment (uses light therapy to calm the nervous system) in our holistic relaxation suite with complimentary specialty teas. This puts the individual into a ” rest and recover” system prior to the treatment.
  • You then are assessed and analyzed where Shane identifies the areas of concern. Scar tissue and posture alignment treatments are carried out using a microcurrent machine. It literally takes Shane a matter of seconds to see posture alignments and get to work.
  • Microcurrent removes the scar tissue in the affected area resulting in you being closer to being pain-free.
  • 1 hour of rehabilitation through a PT session with Luke to learn the exercises you will need. In order to rewire the motor patterns that you have been failing to complete daily tasks. Remember we need to strengthen the areas that have been inhabited for a long time.
  • You will start the process by completing 2 weeks online first to discuss your injury with Shane and begin the rehab process, you will attend for an appointment then after you have completed two check-ins, after your appointment you will have 2 more weekly check-ins to show how you are progressing with your rehabilitation program. This aftercare part of the program is very important.


Images are of the pods in the holistic recovery room and using the audiovisual treatment.

All injuries whether they are only new or several years old have resulted in a breakdown of the kinetic chain and dysfunction of true core strength.

Shane prides himself on having everybody leave pain free on that session and with a program you need to work hard at.

10% of people will still say they feel pain and they all turned out to be individuals who were in a fight or flight nervous system. You then finish on the audiovisual (pain program) and he will arrange something individual with you in order to get you to pain-free.

We cater for every scenario and Shane has still to have a client not improve dramatically. Some get reductions on a clinic if he feels they need a lot of assistance.

Every scenario and case is treated individually and he will make the call each time.

Shane takes 2 appointments per hour.

The slots that are available are as follows;

  • 7 am
  • 8 am
  • 9 am
  • 11 am
  • 12md
  • 1 pm

The above package and services all-inclusive are €399.

To begin you will pay €149 on a link as your deposit and get access to the videos needed and to Shane on the check-in phone where you will have your online assessment and commence your rehabilitation program. You do 2 weeks of check-in’s and then we will send you a separate booking link where you pay €249 to book your clinic appointment.

You then have 2 more weeks of check-ins post clinic as your aftercare service to ensure your progressing as you should.


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