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Coaching and Educational Webinar


Over the last few years, we have shown the results and theory behind the methods we use and how we have managed to help many athletes learn about their body and get it moving better than ever before. Many describe how the previous courses never touched on this material before and it gives them a much better understanding of how to train or how to train their client.

Therapists of all kind learn how to incorporate rehab along with treatment to add to their service.

Who will benefit from this webinar?

  • Athletes
  • Coaches
  • Therapist
  • Anyone wanting to upskill on knowledge of the body

Why should you do the webinar?

  • You will gain a much more practical insight into how our bodies move
  • You will understand how to do your own program design to guarantee coming out of a session moving freer than ever before
  • We cover the anatomy in a view that will be immediate benefit to your current knowledge
  • You will fast track yourself when it comes to functional training vs traditional program design
  • It will combine all practical with theoretical knowledge

What content is covered?

  • Practical and theory of all planes of motion
  • An in-depth view of the human kinetic chain
  • An in-depth view of biomechanics
  • An in-depth view of Tensegrity
  • Introduction to how the emotional/stress impacts our fascia and performance
  • Explanation of why the traditional approaches are not working for you

Were you at a previous clinic appointment?

In this webinar, you will have a kick start to others but it will go into great depths and you will understand the theory behind the exercises you were doing before and much more to add to your previous understanding.


The webinar took place on Saturday 12th of December 2020.


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