Are you a soccer player looking to improve performance and stay injury-free this season?


We have you covered with this pre-season program, it will focus on strength & power, plyometrics and some cardio challenges aimed at improving fitness and mental toughness.

This off-season soccer program contains the Ultimate Guide to Plyometrics which takes you through all you need to know when considering this type of speed and power training. We take you through the history of plyometrics, the safety precautions, and a ready-to-go program that you as an athlete can put into real-life practice immediately. It contains a three-part video of beginners, intermediate and advanced programs, and an E-book for further learning.

It also includes cardio sessions and our Strength and Power 3-day gym program to maximize your strength.

If you are local to  Mullingar you have the option of coming to NGS on Mondays & Wednesdays at 7 pm for our physique classes which will be hugely beneficial to your training and will be instructed by our coaches here in NGS. The benefit of this is to help reduce injuries, get physically stronger and improve endurance. It will make a massive difference to your performance on the pitch.

When you purchase the product, the video programmes and documents will be in the  “my orders” section of the website for you to download. They will also be in the “my downloads” section for you to view.

When you purchase the program we will email you to get some information from you about your nutrition plan.


What is included?

  • 3-day Strength & Power gym program.
  • Ultimate plyometric program with beginner, intermediate or advanced sessions.
  • E-book to explain the plyometric program.
  • Cardio sessions.
  • Nutrition plan.
  • Optional access to 2 classes in NGS a week for an 8-week period. Monday at 7 pm upper body session & Wednesday at 7 pm lower body session.