Styku 3D body scanner in NGS

The Styku 3D body scanners extracts precise measurements, shape, body composition and other insights relevant to the fitness industry. Track progress and monitor changes in body shape and dimensions as their body responds to your fitness and nutritional guidance.

Scanning someone is simple, quick, non-invasive and harmless. Simply stand on the turntable and hold still for 30 seconds while the platform rotates. With its razor sharp high resolution infrared images Styku captures millions of data points in a matter of seconds.

Discover your BMI, lean mass, body fat percentage and estimated daily calorie expenditure, and health-related risks with Styku. A useful visual tool when working towards a health or aesthetic goal as it can be used to highlight changes in shape and/or to set goals.

  • A 3D body scan which gives:
    • A full body composition report which includes:
      • Bodyfat
      • BMI
      • Health Risk ratio’s
      • Measurements of each body part (cm/inches)
      • BMR calories
      • Posture alignment

3D body scans are included in clinic appointments and in our local transformations, they can also be booked as part of a nutritional consultation with one of our nutritionists.

Check out some of our clients 3D results below


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