8 Week Body Transformation Plan in Mullingar

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Register your interest below to be the first to know about the details & how to book your place. We are only accepting 15 people who are really serious & committed to working hard to get long-term results. Watch the video below to find out how we’ve improved our transformations to make them even better and allow you to achieve more sustainable results.

What's Included in the NGS Transformation?

8-week body transformation programme

Diet plan

NGS Membership to attend classess or own use within opening hours

Use of our audio-visual suite

Fortnightly Check-ins on Mondays on WhatsApp

Nutrition articles & useful info to help educate you and keep you on track

How Have We Improved the NGS Transformations?

We are only taking on a maximum of 15 people who are deadly serious and want to make long-term changes to their health & fitness. This is to ensure that we have enough time to help every single one of the people on our transformations reach their goals and create lasting results.

Unfortunately, in the past we had many people who had incredible results during the transformation but in a few short weeks were back to square one once the transformation had ended.  

We have made some changes to help you make lasting changes and get real results. It’s a lifestyle change – not a quick fix and this is definitely the way to go.

We encourage you to get full use of our gym & classes here at NGS during the transformation to ensure you are getting the best results possible. This transformation designed based on both nutrition AND training.

What's the Cost of the Transformation?

The transformation fee is €150 for NGS Gym members. 

For non-gym members, the transformation fee is also €150 but this does not include a mandatory monthly gym membership fee of €80 paid via direct debit. You cannot sign up to the transformation without a membership to NGS Gym. Our transformations are a lifestyle change for people who are committed to lasting change rather than a quick fix.

Here's Some of Our Past Transformations

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