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If you want to learn more from me during your commute or while your training have a listen to some of the podcasts I’ve featured in below.

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Shane Flynn Q&A

An in depth chat with Shane Flynn following up on our last chat on stress and learning a bit more about Shane’s life.

Shane Flynn talks Cortisol and Adrenaline

An in depth chat with movement specialist Shane Flynn on how cortisol and adrenaline effects the human body

The stress hormone is triggered by all forms of stress, trauma, anxiety and is a “silent killer” when it comes to chronic illness and physical injuries. Check out how it you can be aware of it and make changes in your life today

Shane Flynn - Tough Love, Elite Performance and Fixing People - #28

Shane Flynn is a Movement Correctional Specialist, a Neuromuscular Therapist, S&C Coach and owner of the spectacular NGS Gym and Rehabilitation Centre in Mullingar. He has combined years of experience in the fitness and injury management industry to create a service of excellence for a wide variety of clients, from basic weight loss and exercise to elite-level athletic performance.

Shane’s black and white, no-bullshit approach to working with his clients has generated some friction among some online fitness and wellness communities, however having met Shane in his facility, where this episode was actually recorded, and having spoken to him at length about a huge range of topics from his own mindset and personal history, to his training, his work with children and people with autoimmune disease (as well as athletes and the average person), purpose, belief, meaning and much much more, it’s so clear to me that everything Shane does is driven by his burning passion and desire to help empower people, and to heal.

This was a very raw and engaging chat with a highly motivated and driven man. Thank you Shane!

Shane Flynn On His Mindset In Business, Life And Training

On Todays Healthy Commute Shane Flynn joins me to discuss his mindset through when it comes to life business and training. Shane also discusses training through this time, from GAA players to the general population and finally Shane discusses his training philosophy when it comes to speed training.

#4 - Shane Flynn - Dealing with negative people online & why he invested €100k into his business during Co-Vid 19

On this episode of the podcast, we had the pleasure of being inspired by Shane Flynn. Shane is a movement specialist who runs his own gym which is currently under huge renovations as he plans to re-open after co-vid 19. Shane discusses his plans for the gym and the launch of his new venture which involved over 100k of investment back into his business.

Shane gives fantastic advice out for free on the podcast and his tips and experiences on dealing with negative people online is definitely something people can learn from.

Shane appeared on a tv show in Ireland called “Hell Week” which involved 7 days of gruelling special forces training which was fascinating to watch and I would highly recommend you take a look to discover the mindset that Shane has built over the course of his career.