NGS Youth Group Fitness Classes Mullingar

boost functional fitness & movement with supervised training

Our NGS Youth Group provides an introduction to functional fitness, movement and gym-based training to primary and secondary school students in a safe, supervised environment.

Our NGS Youth Group trains together in NGS once each week under the supervision of our expert personal trainers. Aside from that group session we also provide training & nutritional advice and a home workout training plan. For older and more advanced members of the group, they will have the option of joining some of the other classes and personal access to NGS gym outside of class times. 

NGS Youth Group is an ideal introduction for any child, from any background regardless of fitness and training level. It’s the ideal way to introduce your kids to a fun, friendly group training session and promote healthy living habits from a young age. If your kids are not interested in sports, it’s an alternative fun way to keep fit and active. 

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