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At NGS Gym, we have always been known as a high-quality gym with expert personal trainers in the heart of Mullingar who provide the advice, expertise and support you need to reach your health, fitness and performance goals.

After a complete overhaul in early 2020, NGS Fitness is now, without doubt, the most modern gym in Mullingar, Co. Westmeath. We provide an elite training environment with highly, qualified coaches, nutritionists and specialists to help you achieve real improvements to your health, fitness and physique. We offer a wide range of gym classes, personal training and memberships to suit anyone looking to improve their fitness & physique in the Mullingar area.

What started as a small, class-based gym in Mullingar has now been revolutionized and transformed into a unique multidisciplinary health, fitness & rehabilitation centre in Mullingar Business Park.  The multidisciplinary NGS Fitness team not only your standard fitness-related services but also a wide array of unique specialised treatments and rehabilitation services to help children, adults and elite athletes live a pain-free, active life and perform to the best of their ability.

If you want to find out more about our memberships, beginner’s classes, transformations or rehabilitation services just fill in the form below.

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We spent a number of months planning, refurbishing and perfecting our new gym design and layout to create the ultimate training facility in the heart of Mullingar. We want everyone to see what our team has created and sample what it’s like to train in the most modern training environment in Mullingar. If you’re unsure about joining a gym or are not sure if NGS Gym is the right fit for you, then click here to register for our next Beginner’s Class.


Whether you want to get started on a new fitness routine straight away or are planning ahead for when your membership expires elsewhere, there’s no better way to get a feel for NGS Gym and sample our new gym than signing up for our FREE Beginner’s class.

The FREE Beginner’s class is open to everyone regardless of your age, current fitness level or whether you’ve been a member of NGS in the past or not. If you’re interested in getting real about your health & fitness and joining the best gym in Mullingar, then CLICK HERE to join the waiting list to find out when we are running our next Beginner’s Classes.

our famous weight loss transfor-mations are back!

NGS Fitness became known for running the most successful weight loss transformations in Mullingar.

These short, intense transformations were ideal for shedding weight fast but the process was also extremely challenging and rigid for clients.

In the past, what we found was that clients gave it their all for the few weeks of the transformations but because it was so challenging ended up back at square one with bad habits and excess weight a few months later.


Shane Flynn Fitness | NGS Gym Mullingar | NGS Injury Clinic Mullingar | Shane Flynn Personal Trainer | Online PT Ireland | Gym Equipment Ireland | Home Workout Equipment Ireland | NGS Transformation


Our new transformations are designed for an intense 8-week period to help you build momentum, create good habits and lose weight quickly. We take a more sustainable approach to maintain your weight loss but also to help you to keep shedding more pounds long after the eight weeks. 

In our new eight-week transformations, we will be limiting numbers to a MAXIMUM OF 15 PEOPLE to ensure you get the time and attention you need to achieve incredible results. Each of the ten people will get our:

  • Eight-week transformation programme
  • Nutrition plan
  • NGS gym membership: classes & own use within opening hours
  • 3D body scan at week 1, at week 4 and at week 8
  • Use of our audio-visual suite
  • Fortnightly check-ins on Whatsapp to overcome any challenges you might be having, answer any questions you might have and give advice to accelerate your progress
  • Weekly educational content to help you build long-lasting habits that will improve your health & fitness.

If you like what you see, please CLICK HERE to apply to be a part of our next transformation. 



Full access to use NGS Gym personally or to attend any of the classes taking place on that particular day for only €10/day.


Full access to use NGS Gym personally during OFF-PEAK HOURS ONLY. Access to classes is NOT included in this membership. Off-peak monthly membership is only €40/month.


Full access to use NGS Gym personally at any time and access any classes taking place for only €80/month.


Full access to use NGS Gym personally at any time. Access to classes is NOT included in this membership. Our Student Annual Membership is currently at a special discounted rate of €299/year.


Full access to use NGS Gym personally during OFF-PEAK HOURS ONLY. Access to classes is NOT included in this membership. Off-peak annual adult membership is only €399/year.



The redesign of NGS has given me a huge amount of time to reflect over everything that has happened at NGS since we started with a few barbells runnings classes in St. Loman’s GAA Clubhouse.

It’s been an incredible journey and one that has had it’s fair share of ups, downs and everything in between. There have been times of huge pressure, huge financial stress and huge challenges to overcome. Although for our members it may look like things were always going great and that NGS was flying, behind the scenes there was often a massive amount of stress and difficulties as we grew the business to what it has become today.

I know that during those times, I wasn’t always the easiest person to deal with and didn’t control my own emotions how I would have liked to but all I can do is live, learn and improve.  As a result, I know some people may have felt out of love with the gym or got pissed off with me and stopped training here. If you fell out of love with the gym, training in general or were annoyed with me or any of the team, I’m asking you to come back and give us an opportunity as we turn over a new leaf and start fresh in our new gym.

We want to help as many people as possible live active, healthy lives and be in the best condition you can possibly be in both physically and mentally. I’m absolutely delighted with the redesign of the gym and I couldn’t be happier to now have a wonderful team behind me that helps remove so much of the stress involved with running a growing business and gives me the time to focus on what’s most important… helping you achieve your health, fitness and important goals.

I want to thank all of our current members who have stuck with us throughout the difficult lockdown months and had patience with us while we were redesigning the gym. I want to also thank everybody who has ever been a member at NGS for showing us your support and helping our local business become what it is today. If you have been a member of NGS in the past, present or are thinking of joining us in the future please take a couple of minutes to watch the video that echoes some of the messages I have shared with you here. 

Hope you are keeping well, 


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