NGS Full Rehabilitation Programme

We are very proud to have become known for our ability to have clients leave our clinic pain-free and moving better than ever before.

What we have learned from working with hundreds of clients over the last few years is that the improvements most people achieved during their clinic appointment tended to deteriorate over time. We found that this was happening because most people failed to accurately implement the home rehabilitation programme and exercises provided during their appointment.

Some clients told us that they had struggled to complete the rehabilitation exercises, others didn’t have enough training experience behind them, and some people needed some emotional support and motivation as they progressed through their rehabilitation journey at home.

We have overcome this problem by developing an additional four-week online coaching programme to ensure the quality of your rehabilitation work post-clinic. It now means that we are with you every step of the way on your rehabilitation journey to give you an extremely high probability of success. 

The four-week online coaching programme provides, direct, one-to-one coaching delivered through WhatsApp where we assess and correct all your videos of the rehabilitation exercises shown in the clinic. This four-week programme is split into two sections, you will complete two weeks online with Shane PRIOR to your clinic appointment, followed by two weeks online with Shane AFTER your clinic appointment.

During this time, you will also gain a deeper understanding of your injury, clarify any issues you might have and know the exact steps you need to take to continue seeing improvements. We will be able to answer all the questions you may have about your injury and rehabilitation that we didn’t have time to cover in the clinic or that have come since you have started your rehabilitation work at home. 

What’s Involved With Our Full NGS Rehabilitation Programme?

From start to finish, here’s what you will receive as part of your rehabilitation programme at NGS:

Audio-visual therapy and complimentary herbal teas

Shane’s assessment and treatment (1 hour)

Rehabilitation session teaching you our methods on how to rehabilitate to become functionally stronger

4-week online coaching and access to the online platform (two weeks prior to appointment and two weeks following appointment)

Our clinic has developed a name for the lengths we go to in order to get you pain-free. We look forward to adding you to our long and ever-growing list of successful stories.

How Can I Book An Appointment?

Before we accept you onto the NGS Full Rehabilitation Programme we need to make sure that we will actually be able to help you. We also need to make sure that you actually need the Full Rehabilitation Programme. Many people need one of our cheaper, less intensive services depending on their injury. Fill in the enquiry form below and we will review your information and get back to you.

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