2022 Off-Season Programme | Vertical Jump & Acceleration


The Off-season stand-alone package is €249. There is no group testing with this package, it is designed for you to do yourself by following the videos included.

It includes a 4-day program for acceleration and vertical jump.

The gym-based program is tailored to have a 4-day split containing an upper-body day, lower body day, balance and core stability day, and our advanced plyometric day.

As always with the video it is voiced-over for you to be able to take note of all the important coaching queues, the rep range you can move between to suit your goal, and mostly all the common mistakes many make.

This program is very different from last year as the focus was strictly Speed and Power focused.

Rep range is lower to make sure everyone gets the strength levels required to be able to carry your body weight effectively and accurately produce force.