Kettlebells can be an unbelievably useful part of your home gym because they offer an all-in-one total body conditioning workout when you know how to use them correctly. Kettlebells can be used for weight loss, strength, endurance, flexibility and balance training.

They’re ideal if you’re working out at home because they take up so little space, are multifunctional and can even store them under your bed.


Kettlebells have phenomenal calorie-burning potential and can be included in HIIT or metabolic workout. If you are looking for cardio benefits such as burning fat, increasing metabolism, and improving cardiovascular health, kettlebell cardio workouts are ideal.  This is because most of the kettlebell exercises use hundreds of muscles at a time is excellent for fat loss because the more muscles you activate the more calories you burn and the quicker your metabolic rate.

Kettlebells offer a dynamic way to develop core strength and stability that athletes need to develop explosive power, to quickly change directions without risking injury and to withstand pressure from one side while remaining upright (like when being tackled on a GAA pitch).

They are also great for developing your athleticism because of their dynamic multiplanar nature. Kettlebells require you to focus on your awareness, coordination and develops mind-to-muscle connection leading you to improved proprioception (coordination; the sense of movement of the body and its parts).

Kettlebell movement patterns require you to move through multiple planes of motion while controlling the force, torque and range of motion. You will have much greater flexibility and your joints will become more stable and strong thereby decreasing the chance of injury in your joints, ligaments, and muscles.

When training with kettlebells, you must control the movement path, as opposed to training with machines, which have a predetermined path.  As a result, you will develop strong stabilizer muscles in all ranges of movement, and when coupled with the increased core power they will provide it means that your balance will improve dramatically.

Kettlebell training is based on functional movement patterns meaning that the exercises you perform help improve your day to day life, as well as sports performance or leisure activities.

Kettlebells are available in a range of different colours and come in weights from 4kg to 16kg.

  • 4kg
  • 6kg
  • 8kg
  • 10kg
  • 12kg
  • 14kg
  • 16kg


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