Multifunctional NGS Medicine Balls


Medicine balls should be an essential part of your home gym because they are small, multifunctional and can be used for a full-body workout that burns calories, builds core strength and improves flexibility. We stock 4kg and 18kg med balls with textured surface for better grip.

Did you know that 3000 years ago, the ancient Greeks used medicine balls to help patients going through post-injury stages of recovery?

Nowadays, medicine balls are used regularly in daily training because they offer such a wide range of benefits. Medicine balls are extremely versatile and can be used to tone up bodies, build core strength, and improve balance. They’re also an extremely useful tool for your home workouts as they don’t take up much space and can even be stored under your bed.

Here are just some of the benefits of using medicine balls in your home workouts:

  1. Create explosive power & develop body strength – Any workouts that combine movements & medicine balls, like squats and ball throw altogether, will bring help you develop strength and power. Through short, high-impact, high-intensity movements, medicine ball training offers the ability to generate higher levels of explosive strength, which is essential for most competitive sports
  2. Improve speed and movement accuracy – by practicing certain movements with medicine balls you can condition your body to move in a versatile way, proactively react, and prepare better for physical contact. As a result, you can boost speed, accuracy, perception, and awareness of how your body is positioned. 
  3. Burn lots of calories! – Medicine balls force your core muscles to engage more, regardless of the primary muscle group being targeted. By doing this you get more of a full-body workout, which means burning more calories which can help you to lose weight and improve your overall fitness. You can focus on more “metabolic” exercise with high-impact, heart-rate-revving sets that will maximise your calorie burn both during and after your workout.
  4. Strengthen your core –  Medicine ball exercises develop the core muscles through a range of movements that impact balance, posture, and flexibility, whilst also training intermuscular coordination.
  5. Enhance balance & flexibility – Repeatedly throwing and catching medicine balls alone or with others will not only improve your hand-eye coordination but also your balance and flexibility
  6. Improve rehabilitation effort after injuries – Medicine balls are really useful to enhance the body’s endurance and response but also carry a low risk of further strain on the body. The development of core strength that medicine balls can provide is extremely important in rehabilitation because your core keeps your body stable and supports the muscles needed for everyday movement. For people suffering lower back pain or those with a lower back injury, medicine balls effectively strengthen deep abdominal muscles, back muscles and lower back muscles that support the spine and pelvis. This leads to more uncomplicated recovery through better spinal alignment, which will help ease the pain felt in the lower back. Patients should use lightweight medicine balls, gradually increasing weight as they recover. Some exercises can help to build back mobility, others can support healing thigh or calf muscles.
  7. Boost cardiovascular health – Medicine balls can be used to generally full-body movements that combine cardiovascular and strength training simultaneously.
  8. Improve athletic performance – Medicine balls replicate more natural and functional movements than traditional barbell or dumbbell exercises due to the different planes of motion incorporated whilst still increasing heart rate, calorie burn, and building strength and power.
  9. Have fun and develop teamwork – While most medicine ball workouts can be done by yourself, practising with a friend or teammate can bring more fun and energy into the workout.  Group training with a medicine ball can involve team members rolling, bouncing, tossing or passing the ball back and forth between the team to target different muscle groups.

We have 4kg and 18kg med balls with textured surfaces to allow for better grip. Order online now and achieve your fitness goals more easily and faster.


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